Preventing Amputations: How the Podimetrics SmartMat™ Transforms Lives like Gary's

Meet Gary Miner, a true testament to the life-changing impact of the Podimetrics SmartMat™, which has earned a 5/5 ease-of-use rating from 88% of patients1. The Podimetrics SmartMat program is designed to help prevent debilitating diabetic foot complications that can lead to amputations, and Gary’s experience exemplifies why patients embrace it. The SmartMat is easy to use and can significantly impact those who use it.

Gary is an avid e-biker and golfer who uses the Podimetrics SmartMat program to help prevent foot complications stemming from peripheral neuropathy caused by Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War. The Podimetrics Solution uses science-backed remote temperature monitoring to help detect early signs of inflammation that lead to ulcers, and Gary has had a positive experience with the program. Watch Gary tell his story in his own words:

“I use the SmartMat™ because it works [and] the experience I’ve had with it,” Gary explains. “It’s very reliable, and I depend on it because it can be life-saving. I don’t want to lose more toes than I already have.”

In Gary’s experience, the Podimetrics SmartMat Program is a reliable lifeline he depends on daily. He serves as an example of how the program makes a meaningful difference in patient’s lives. Working in conjunction with providers, Podimetrics offers an effortless, at-home solution to help prevent diabetic foot complications through innovative technology and human-to-human support. Perhaps that’s why nearly 100% of healthcare providers recommend it to their patients.2

How the SmartWork works

Get a deeper look at how our SmartMat and Podimetrics Solution combines patient-friendly technology, clinical intervention, and human support to prevent unnecessary amputations.


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