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Why Are Native Americans Losing Limbs Faster Than Others Living With Diabetes?

The statistics are alarming: Nearly 1 out of 6 Native Americans have diabetes and are 2X more likely to experience diabetes-related complications.

Seeking Answers

This comprehensive report explores this diabetes dilemma within this vulnerable population. It helps unmask the challenges faced by Native Americans living with type 2 diabetes in 2023.

Insights Uncovered

Podimetrics surveyed over 400 participants to explore the profound impact of living with complex diabetes. The aim was to understand their obstacles deeply and shed light on their care experiences. The study aimed to uncover the unique experiences faced by the Native American community about medical emergencies, complications, and amputations. The report delves into employing technology, such as remote patient monitoring devices, that facilitate their healthcare journey. The report also explores the support they receive concerning their social determinants of health (SDOH).

Discover these invaluable insights inside of the report:

  • Native Americans’ experiences with medical emergencies, complications, and amputations
  • What support Native Americans receive for their SDOH
  • Native Americans’ attitudes and adaptability toward technology, such as remote patient monitoring devices and clinical support to manage their health
  • Native Americans’ perception of healthcare and access to quality care

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